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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

14 degrees and an extra 6 inches of snow! Whoo hoo...

You know, there should be different kinds of fonts that show emotions.  Like one for being super sarcastic (I could have used a font like that for my title this morning :P) or a font for being sad, mopey, whatever.  That would also help when you are trying to read between the lines on things people email you are whatever.

Anyway, today is Kobe's class Valentine's Day Party!  Last night Kobe and I were secretly hoping for a snow day today which didn't happen, so when Ben got Him and myself up WAY late :) I decided today would be a good day to go in late to school.  I hate bringing in Kobe late to school, I would rather keep him home then come in ever 10 minutes late.  Well, today I took him in about 20 minutes late, I figured I could blame it on the snow anyway right?  And, just for the record, we were not the last ones to come in so that made me feel like, ok, I am not the worst, he hehe.

When I was growing up we were NEVER late-for anything-ever.  My parents actually set our clock AHEAD like 10-15 minutes and we were early to EVERYTHING!  I HATED it~I was always the first one to school besides the kids that parents actually worked at the school.  My mom was never late picking me up.  We were always to church super early, and I didn't really like our church or many of the kids that went there so I didn't like that either.  My parents were so early and on time to everything I actually WANTED them to be late, me to be late.

So, as a grow up, I find this manifesting its self in my life in funny ways.  I still HATE being early for church, but I hate taking Kobe into school late.  I typically like to be on time, but not one minute early.  BUT, for work I like to go quite early.  See, as a child your parents don't even know it, but they are scarring you for life.  I wonder when Kobe is my age what he will be saying my habits did to him!  :)    

I had to throw this picture in of Kobe's sweet morning hair!  If I was a good Mom I would have fixed this BEFORE taking pictures  :)


Alyssa said...

Cute pics:). Fixing his hair has nothing to do with being a good mom:) LOL you crack me up!! I used to love v day at school with my students...how fun. Wish you all could come here to our nice weather. I am sure you will all be glad when the sun comes out to stay for summer!!!

We are off to the hospital this morning to see Matt. They seem to be finally making some progress on his diagnosis. Colitis is the "guess" right now. We just did a search online about it, and it says treatable by meds unless it is serious which may require surgery. You may already know all that, but for those of you who do not.

Love you all!

gram said...

I love Kobe's eye lashes. They are to die for.
I am always early for every thing as you well know. My sister is always late or rushing in at the last min. My parents were usually early so I quess it rubbed off on me. Love ya, Gram

Leah W said...

Thanks for the update Alyssa. I haven't looked that up so I am glad you told me. I will be THRILLED as long as whatever Matt have is treatable and not life threatening!

I know God is taking care of him!

cindy said...

Hi honey, just wanted to stop by :) and tell you I love you and your wonderful family! Happy Valentines day! I miss you all already. I will call you and update you later.
Hugs and Kisses,
PS tell Kobe I love him.