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Saturday, February 16, 2008

I love when Ben stays home on Saturdays!

*This picture was taken in September of '06
Ben stayed home today because he has been coming down with a cold and needed some rest!
So, I guess I just have a couple shout outs for today.

1.  Matt, we hope you get back to 100% very soon~!
I am glad you all are back home and able to sleep in your own beds, hopefully you will just get better and better and not have to go back!

2.  Cindy-have fun down there!  Soak up the weather and have lots of fun with Elle!

3.  I don't know if Grandma Neighbors will be hopping on a computer while she is traveling, but if so I hope you are having a fun trip Grandma!


gram said...

Hope Ben gets feeling better. Shelly just called and said Matt was taken back to the hospital by ambulance and is in terrific pain. Lindsay also called to let me know so I am waiting to see what happens now. My thoughts and prayers are so with Matt and Lindsay. I love ya, Gram

Leah W said...

Yeah, we heard :(

gram said...

I have had more laughs over my videos you sent to me. I just love them. Love ya, Gram

MattLindsElle said...

We hope Ben gets to feeling better soon! You will be in our thoughts and prayers Ben! What does he have?

Thanks for all of your prayers, support and talks! We love you guys very much!!

shelly said...

Cute picture of Kobe!!! Hope you guys had a great day!!! =)

cindy said...

I am home safely and happly!! I had a great time except when I was locked in a 8 by 8 room. and to make matters worse he had GAS. BUt I got out the toys and looked in his ears and nose and eyes,,,he was not amazed, but I was. We tried ten little piggies but he was not into that either...what a party poopers. BUt I had such a great time with Lindsay and Elle and even Matt. THeyare so sweet, We got to see Chris and Alyssa and Kendra real quick.