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Monday, February 11, 2008

Feb.11, 2008

This is my Brother-in-law Matt, most of you know him super well-but my extended family does not so after telling them about him being in the hospital I thought I should clear things up.

Matt is 25, he is a bathtub/bathroom installer. 

He looks like this when telling me he doesn't care that I keep taking his picture while he is talking to me.

He is married to this beautiful girl, Lindsay.  Boy did God smile on Matt the day that Lindsay agreed to marry him!

He also is the daddy of this beautiful little girl.  Now, if that isn't worth wakin' up in the morning I don't know what it.

See, they are the perfect, cute little family.

So, if you think of it today, pray for them.  Matt is still in the hospital.  They are still trying to figure out what is wrong with him.  And that is about it.  I am sure they are sick of the hospital by now, tired, and ready to be done with all of this or ready to find out what is wrong.  So, I am sure they could use the thoughts.

Oh, and this is a picture of Matt with Grandma Corey.  I just thru it in here cause I thought it was kinda cute.

On a lighter note, Sunday was my Aunt Penny's birthday!
She got lots of good smelling presents  :)
Happy Birthday Aunt Penny, We love you!
This is my cousin Lauren.  Her birthday is tomorrow!  Happy Birthday Lauren!

And here is a picture of 2 of my favorite people from Sunday.  Kobe took this picture, he is quite the photographer  :)

Now, onto a small personal tragedy of mine.  Kobe has decided he doesn't care for school.  It makes me so sad because he use to be so into it.  Oh well, so now it is my goal in life to make school days as fun as I possibly can in small ways.
Last night Ben and I ate dinner at Panera and I picked up a loaf of Honey Wheat bread to make sandwiches for lunches the next day.  So, I started to make Kobe's lunch and thought "Hey!  Let's make shapes!"

I didn't feel like digging out my cookie cutters from the basement and then I remembered these neat ones my Grandma Neighbors gave me.  (see Grandma, I use the stuff you get me!)

I decided to use a K for Kobe because he is really into his name (maybe he is just really into him self, I am not sure which it is) so I knew he would get a kick out of that.

Of course I forgot the right way of making shaped sandwiched.  Make the sandwich first THEN cut.  So, I did it the hard way.  It went something like this...

So, I make the K and then decided to make an O because I didn't know if a K would be enough for him for lunch.  Ben saw me making the O and said "are you going to make him 4 sandwiches?"  Of course not Ben, that would be just silly  :P


shelly said...

You know LEah you are silly!!! I wish I was there to help take care of Elle so LInds could be a better help to Matty!!! It is sad we live so far away!! I would drop anything to HELP out!!! Love you

gram said...

Leah you are so creative. You need to be a writer. I love the write up you did on Lindsey, Matt and Elle. It was soooooooooo sweet. I also loved the picture of Matt and I. I had not seen that picture. You making Kobe's sandwiches was great. Ben is also blessed to have such a great wife. Love ya, GRam

Vicki Aeschliman said...

I love ya Leah!! Keep up the good work.

Ben said...

You are right Grandma! I am blessed to have a great wife!

Leah W said...

Thanks Benny. I love you bunches. I hope your throat stops hurting. I will pray it does.

cindy said...

Hey you do you know how much we loved reading your blog last night. I love the sandwhiches!! You really should look into writing more, didn't you like english in high school? (If my memory is right you did) Well you are right Matt and Lindsay and Elle are going to be in one more day for a CAT scan and maybe talk to a GI specialist. So keep them in your prayers.
Love you,

Leah W said...

I was stalking all the blogs this morning ;)
and came across you comment on Vicki's blog so that is how I knew.

and yes, i did like english. i wanted to be an english teacher...and then Kobe happened! Best thing that ever could have, I wasn't meant to be a teacher in the formal sense, but working with youth (and especially my own child) is exactly where I knew/know God wants me!