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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Weird Wednesday

No, I didn't have a really weird morning or anything, I just have come across a couple weird things that I felt all of the rest of you needed to be weirded out by as well.   Lucky you.

I have bought a few really weird things before, but this takes the cake on weirdness.  Last week at Kroger I was looking for ice cream (which I don't but that often, as you will be able to tell) and I came across these weird little things.  They were on sale (I assume that should have told me something) but I thought I would get them for Kobe because he had been into ice cream for a day or two. 
When we got home, after I put the groceries away, I opened up the weird little things and saw that they were packaged like this.  IT LOOKED LIKE A PAD.  An ice cream pad.  And I am supposed to hand these out to kids to eat?!?  Don't you think someone would have looked at this and thought the same thing I did?

Ice Cream:
I don't know what the deal is with that.  They taste freezer burnt anyway.

Now, onto my next weird find.  

I have a few blogs I check out on a semi-daily basis that are written by people I don't know, they are just interesting people and their writing caught my attention.  Well, if I happen to leaven them a comment I usually click on other people's names that have left comments as well to she what their blog is about.  And I happened to come across this:

These are cooked Orange Peels that this lady is dipping in chocolate and I am assuming eating them.  Weird.  Very Weird.

On a non weird note, Kobe has been doing great these past two days of school.  I have tried to stop doing things for him when I drop him off and I left him do it all himself. (take his snow boots off and put his school shoes on, put his folder where it goes and order lunch if he is doing that that day, and putting his reading books where they go).  I think it is giving him something to do that take his mind off being upset that I am leaving him there.
He also has been working with Ben on his reading and is doing a great job.  If he gets frustrated Ben lets him take a break and come back to it and he usually does great after that.
It has been cool to see Ben be so patient with him and he has really help Kobe understand more of his reading homework.


gram said...

In my life time I have brought a number or wierd things. Sounds like Kobe is becoming very independent. I always found it was so hard to let go and not do things for them. I still worry about my kids, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Vicki always tells me to give my worries to God which I do but I take them back.Sounds like Ben and you are also doing a great job with Kobe and reading etc. I love you guys and looking forward to seeing you soon. Love ya, Gram

Alyssa said...

Okay, Leah, that was weird:)! Chris wasn't too sure you needed to post the pad picture:) LOL!!!! Weird, weird, weird!

I am so glad you are letting Kobe be independent like that. That is hard, but so good for him! Hey, it is great he is doing that now. Trust me, I had 2nd grade parents still doing all that for them in the morning:0!

Love you! Have a great day! We really miss you guys!

shelly said...

That is really wierd!!! Glad Kobe is doing better!! Brooklyn loves to do all that stuff in the morning. It does help them not to think we are leaving them for the day!!! It is fun to see them become more independant. Love ya

shelly said...

Oh by the way...I love that show as well!!! So funny!!!

Vicki Aeschliman said...

You are doing the right thing by letting Kobe get ready for school himself. I've been told if your child can skip he can read. In fact our reading specialist told me yesterday that most kids who have problems reading can't skip so she teaches all her kids to skip. I guess it works with the same part of the brain.