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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I.Made.Gravy. - The REAL way!

I have never liked mashed potatoes.  I still don't like mashed potatoes.  But over the past 6 months for some reason I feel the need to make them and make them GOOD.
So, when dealing with mashed potatoes of course the concept of Gravy is going to come up.  Up until last night I had not figured gravy out.  If I wanted gravy I would either buy a jar of it (yuck) or buy a packet that you add water to to make gravy (double yuck).
So, I guess I have been silently observing people making gravy for the past few years, especially my mom and dad.  They are mash potatoes &   gravy people.
From what I gathered, you cooked some meat then added some stuff to it.  What stuff to add, I didn't know.  I had seen my dad pour milk in there, I assumed you needed something to thicken it up, it felt like this big mystery.
So, last night I was trying a new rub on some steaks and had fried them up in a pan.  I looked at the pan and there was the "stuff" that looked like what people used to make gravy.  So, I thought I would give it a whirl.  I threw some flour into the bottom of the pan and cooked if for a second in the "stuff" - then I added milk and to my shock it turned into gravy,  Who knew.
Ben said it tasted good, I don't eat that stuff so I don't know.  It looked and smelled good though.


gram said...

Sounds like you did a good job on making gravy. I love Mash potatoes but I agree it needs gravy. My mom always made gravy but when I was in high school the kitchen cook there melted butter and dipped it on the potatoes and I remember that was great. How is Ben's cold? I hope better. Love ya, gram

Leah W said...

Ben is doing good. He might still have his cold a bit but he isn't really showing it.

love you

Alyssa said...

You crack me up, Leah! Good job with the gravy!

Glad Ben is doing better. How is school going for Kobe? Kendra still asks to play with him quite often. She loves him!

Love you guys!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Too funny - you stumbled onto good gravy! That's impressive. I've never made real gravy in my life. My husband would be jealous if he saw yours! :)


Leah W said...

School is going great for Kobe. He has had a 6 day weekend so he is thrilled. he is doing great at math and his spelling tests...reading is going good, but not stellar. It just comes slower than the stuff he really enjoys. I am impressed, but I know he needs to be better to keep up with Genesse curriculum.

Hopefully some time this summer we will be able to come see you guys. I have been thinking that maybe a few weeks after you have Grant we could come down and visit-at least for a few days. I feel bad that we didn't get down there for elle being born, but it just was a bad time for us, we were so over whelmed.
Now that you guys have all lived down there so long it finally seems time to come visit so we will see. Who knows what the summer will bring!