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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Finally new pictures :)

Sometimes I hate trying to come up with titles for these posts.  Especially when they are about everyday life.  I took new pictures of Kobe, playing with what else, his bionicals.  But, when it came to picking a "title" I didn't know what to put.  I already made mention of his obsession with bionicals in a previous post so I decided not to use that...
...then I thought about using a title about how well kobe plays by himself, being an only child- (by the way, Kobe has decided he LOVES being an only child-when Ben and I ask him about having a brother or a sister, he is NOT interested.  He is in a very big, "I like my family the way it is" stage.)-but that type of title didn't make much sense to me.
...then I thought about using a typical "I think Kobe is so amazing" title - and just for the record he is amazing, but I think you have heard enough about that.

Then I thought about using a title...
...that had to do with...

...Kobe accidentally throwing this toy at me and the camera while he was trying to get me to take pictures of his toys in mid-air, but I decided not to use that as well.
So, what you got was a truthful title:  Finally new pictures :)

Plain.  Simple.  To the point.
So I stuck with it.

Here is a picture of what I was watching while I was doing my Kobe/bionical photo shoot.

"Jon & Kate plus 8"-I love this show
And, to wrap this post up, here is Kobe posing like his bionical.
The End.


MattLindsElle said...

Cute pictures! I LOVE that show to! She cracks me up.... and my goodness doesn't it make your life seem so simple? LOL

MattLindsElle said...

Just an update on Matt- things went well today. They didn't find much- they are going to keep him on the same kinds of meds until his check up in two weeks!

Leah W said...

Thanks for letting us know about Matt.

And, yes, Kate does crack me up, especially when she is being a psychotic neat freak or having a melt down, but you can't blame her, if I had that many kids, I would be that way ALL the time!

I would love to have a ton of kids like that though (just ask Ben. I say it all the time.) I would just need 4 nannies :)

gram said...

I love the pictures of Kobe. I can't believe he likes those creatures but I am not a kid and I have no imagination. Looking forward to seeing all of you. Love ya, Gram

Alyssa said...

Funny:). What is that show? I have never heard of it. I don't have TV on too much these days:).

He is getting so big! Love you guys.

Leah W said...

lol, Jon & Kate plus 8 is a reality show on TLC about a husband and wife that used fertility treatments to get pregnant. First they had a set of twins and then (in hopes of having one more baby) used fertility drugs to get pregnant again and ended up having 6 babies!

TLC did a special on them a few years ago and later went back and asked them to do a series.

It is so adorable and so honest about how hard it is to do what they do.

Vicki Aeschliman said...

I find that show too stressful. I can be neurotic enough so I don't need to see someone else.
Thanks for the update on Matt.