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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Michael came over to play!

Yesterday my cousin Lauren and her little boy came over to play!  The boys had such a great time, Michael is so adorable it is not even funny, he is such a little man!

They played with Moonsand, Kobe's Transformers, the Transformer spray thing pictured above, but mostly played on the scooter and skateboard.

They would go through the family room, through the kitchen... 

...and then wipe out some where between the kitchen and hallway,

It was hilarious :)


gram said...

Looks like the boys were having a great time. You are one mom with a lot of patience. By the way Leah how are your headaches????? Love ya, Gram

Leah W said...

my head aches seem to be fewer and farther between. Once I got over being sick they seem to not come as often and now it is almost only when I am tired.

I hope they go away completely. I have been trying to get lots of rest and eat healthier to see if that helps. I never have been one to really get head aches so when I do they really bug me.

Thanks for asking :)

How are you doing?

MattLindsElle said...

Cute pictures! Looks like they were having lots of fun together!

shelly said...

Looks like they were having tons of fun!! =)