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Monday, February 25, 2008

Before there was "Blog"

Before there was "Blog" believe it or not there were still videos and pictures of our children being taken. There was far less sharing of them but they still existed.

Like, for example, here is some video of Brook right after she was born. I don't know if it is the day she was born or the next day.
I picked this video because someone is going to be 4 years old soon!

How exciting :)


shelly said...

That is great!! It was the day after because I can Aunt Paula's voice in the back ground. =) Thanks for posting that!!!
I can't believe she is going to be 4...WOW!!!
love ya

Alyssa said...

So cute! Love it! I think I am holding her b/c I have a picture of me holding her, and I am wearing that color sweater:)!

They grow up way too fast!!! Love you!

Leah W said...

yes, it was you holding her alyssa :)

Vicki Aeschliman said...

Time sure does goes fast. Watch out! Before you know it you will be planning her wedding.

cindy said...

Now Vicki we are not going to talk about that!!! She is so funny and sweet. THanks Leah for the weekend with Kobe, we had a blast!! IT went to fast. Sorry we had to duck out on you all Sunday. At least it is only one sunday night a month! I hope you have fun with the new snow tomorrow.
Love you,

gram said...

What a cute baby Brooklyn was!!!! How fast she is growing up amazes me. I love all the other vides you had on there also. The one of Kobe pointed out his body parts and the terrible twos and needless to say I love the old family videos on there. I miss all of you and are anxious to see all of you. Love ya, Gram

MattLindsElle said...

Cute! Brook was a beautiful little girl!