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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Are you a jilted Bride? Don't fret. Hire a Photographer.

Everyone who loves Grey's Anatomy loved this scene.  Loved it-Hated it.  So emotional.  So perfect-if you are a TV Character.  If you are not a TV Character I have a feeling the after math of your Groom standing you up would not be so ...cinematic.  But, hey, we can pretend right?

Because NOTHING says "I am so happy I just got married" like some trash the dress - post wedding pictures of you LOOKING like you got jilted at the alter.

See-here for example.  She is not happy.

Uh-oh.  She wants this dress OFF-NOW!

Apparently the only way to get it off is to cut it up into a million tiny pieces.

And then look at it.

And then bow down to it.

And then pick it up and twirl around in it.
If I had been a jilted Bride this would have made me feel much better.  Then I would have gone after Ben with the scissors.



gram said...

You are so funny Leah. I love you, Gram