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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Snow Day!

Tuesday there was no snow on the ground-none.  Wednesday it starts to snow-and doesn't stop.
It took Ben 2 hours to get home Wednesday night which stunk BUT he got home safely and that is good enough for me.

It is just beautiful outside right now.  I love it when everything is covered in this pretty white stuff.  I love it for about a day and then I am ready for it to go away.  I decided Kobe and I might as well enjoy ourselves so we went out to play in it.

In some places there looked like there were about 8 in. of snow.  In other places it looked like about 18 in. of snow.

Kobe is a dirty snowball fighter, he aims for your face or any other skin that is showing.

See this innocent looking little boy?

Looks can be deceiving :)   He thought the most hilarious thing that happened was him getting snow down the back of my pants.

We made snow angels, which I haven't done in forever.  But making snow angels in foot high snow in just your jeans is cold!

So, eventually I chickened out and told Kobe he could play outside on the deck...

...while Mom sat in the sunroom.  In Ben's PJ pants.  Warm.  And snow free.


shelly said...

Those are really cute pictures!!! Yeah it was bad driving home on WED night! It took over an hour just from Imaly city. We closed early so we could all get home. I-69 was a terrible You not see the road or the person in front of you. BAD night for driving!!! =) Glad we all got home safe an sound!!! =)

cindy said...

WOWOW Kobe has had a great winter break with his mommy :) The pictures are so sweet. I am sure you are having fun. I hope you enjoy today.
Lots of love,

Ben said...

Wish I could have been home to play too! :(

Leah W said...

We wish you were there too. I have a feeling the snow will be stickin' around for a day or two. Maybe we can play this weekend. I should make you take us sledding-you can drag Kobe back up the hill after he slides down, only about 50 times. :)

I love you

Vicki Aeschliman said...

we didn't get any snow days though we should have. we had many buses late and in ditches.

gram said...

Looks like Kobe was having a ball. Oh to be young again!!! I am sure Kobe loves the snow and I hate the snow. Hope it will all be gone when I come home. Love ya Gram

Alyssa said...

Glad we live here!!!!!