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Friday, February 1, 2008

Corey Home Videos

I couldn't believe it when I saw the huge box that Grandma gave me before she left for Florida full of her home videos. First of all I was kinda surprised that she trusted anyone with all these videos. It has been so neat to go through them and see my husband growing up, to see Great Grandpa Ghent & most of all I love seeing Ruth and Gordon together. OH, and I love to check out everyone's outfits :) Thanks Grandma for leaving them with me, it will probably take me two years to get through them :) but I am enjoying it. Here are a couple clips from one I recently uploaded to the computer. You (Grandma) will probably be getting 4 DVDs from Ben and I for Valentine's day.


cindy said...

OH my that was just yesterday wasn't it????? On one hand it seems like that and on the other it seem like an eternity ago. I loved the weather in El Paso! I hate michigan winters any more. OH well enough on that subject!

I love seening the get-togethers it is so comforting that I will see my grandpa and my daddy again.

Leah thanks so much putting them on the blog. I forgot how tall Ben was at that age. I bet Kobe will be tall too.

Love you lots,

Alyssa said...

Chris and I enjoyed watching that so much. He was bummed there wasn't more to watch:). So funny! Love the clothes/hair etc. but most of all it was neat to see Grandpa Corey and Wentzel.

and of course by geeky husband:) LOL

gram said...

You made my day!!! I loved hearing and seeing Gordy and everyone else. What a neat thing. LOve ya, Thanks, Gram

shelly said...

I love seeing that today!!! It was great!!! I love my hair and my mom's white shorts!!! =) We need to see more!!! =)

cindy said...

Shelly your shorts were not to different from mine :] I hate my hair there too! What was I thinking??????? To bad you weren't a hairstylist then.
Love you all,