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Friday, February 15, 2008

My dirtiest of "Dirty Little Secrets"

Ben is probably going to think I am a NUTJOB for posting this, but oh well.

Ben, Kobe and I moved into this house in May of 2007.  So, we have been living here for about 11 months.  When we moved in the 1st thing we did was set up out desk and computer so when I had videos to do I would be ready.  It worked out perfectly.  As for everything else in the room, I just kept it in boxes.  To make matters worse.  Ben has all his clothes in the office closet and gets ready in here every morning so he doesn't wake me up.  We leave the ironing board set up in here because he irons everything (I wonder where he got that from Cindy  ;) ).

So, over the course of 11 months I have basically used the office as our junk mail room, Kobe has used it as his play area leaving toys where ever they land, and poor Ben was stuck wading through my mess every morning so he could get ready for work.

It has turned into "that room" that I always start to clean and then run out of time.  So, for Valentine's Day, I decided to give Ben a clean, organized, fully moved in place to get ready for work.

This is what I had to work with.  It had gotten bad.  VERY BAD!
So, after a hour or two it started looking like this.  That was after I shredded about 150 pieces of junk mail.

And then once I stared to put things in containers it started to look like this.
When I started to put things away it looked like this.
And in the end it ended up looking like THIS!
See, I EVEN cleaned and organized my desk.  Never a small feat!

So, it went from this...
...to this.  And I no longer have my dirtiest of dirty little secrets to hide from the world.

Happy Valentine's Day Ben!  I love you!

Matt & Linds we are still prayin' for you guys.

Update if you haven't heard:
Yes, Matt is still in the hospital.  Cindy arrived safely in SC yesterday evening.  The doctors were thinking that Matt had colitis and he had to have a colonoscopy yesterday.  They found nothing wrong and said they are back to square one now.  


Vicki Aeschliman said...

Good job Leah! By the way, if you put a picture of you there so Ben can see you every morning, he might be late for work every morning and lose his job. they say men are visual!

cindy said...

Hey Girl you did a great job!! You and I have those rooms, now you have a clean wookroom and I still have a clean bedroom (well, dad has been home alone :) I miss him so much. But I have enjoyed seeing everyone in SC and the weather well what can I say 65 and sunny!!!!!! Sorry.
I love you lots and will be home soon.

cindy said...

PS Matt is doing better but still very sore. I just pray that it all goes away quick! Lindsay is her same great self, just amazing. Elle well she is just wonderful. How is Kobe, I miss him and Brooke and of course all of you too!
Love you,

gram said...

You did a great job cleaning up your office. It always makes one feel better when it is done. I truly love my new videos. You did a great job. I don't know how you do it but I loooove them. Thanks again. Love ya, Gram