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Thursday, February 21, 2008

What a day yesterday!!!

Kobe and I got into the car at 1:13 pm and literally did not get out until 5:10 pm!
Why you ask?  Because when things get busy they are B-U-S-Y and when they are slow they are SSSSLLLLOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW....
Part One:
Yesterday my sister needed to take David to the doctor.  He has been sick, nothing big, but she wanted to make sure he didn't have an ear infection or anything.  She needed a ride because Dave had been working on one of their cars and it wasn't finished yet.  Kobe and I left our house at 12:11 to get to Bobbie's house at 1 pm.  We got there around 12:45.  When we got there David was just waking up from his nap and Bobbie was running around getting stuff ready to go.  I got David up and held him and Kobe walked around Bobbie's house looking for stuff to touch that had not been "contaminated" by the sick baby.  Yes, Kobe is turning into a germ-a-phoebe.  I don't know where he got that from because trust me, Ben and I aren't like that.  
We got packed up and drove to Rochester (about a 30 minute drive) and I decided to keep Kobe out of the doctor's office full of sick kids.  We sat in the car and did his reading homework and he played with my GPS.  
Part Two:
While I was in the car with Kobe my Funeral Home in Royal Oak called and said that they had a video for me to pick up.  Bobbie got out of her appt (Baby is fine, just has a virus or something, no ear infection and was negative on a strep test) and we all packed up and made our way to the Funeral Home (20 minutes from the doc office).  My GPS only had to re-route me once, i think.  :)  We stopped and got the pictures and stuff and then we headed back to Bobbie's house.
On the way home Kobe decided he was hungry and that he needed to take his Aunt Bobbie out for a date on his Mommy's debit card.  
The conversation when something like this:
Kobe:  "I'm hungry, are you hungry Bobbie?"
Bobbie:  "Yeah, but I don't have any money on me"
Kobe: "My Mom has money, she will buy you food"
            "Do you want a salad?  Do you want salad dressing?"
Bobbie and I are cracking up at this point.
So, on our way home (after being re-routed 2 more times by my GPS -if you were wondering I am using the word re-routed as code for "totally missed my turn") we picked up food and then Kobe and I dropped Bobbie and David off.  I offered to take David home and raise him as my own but Bobbie said her name was on David's birth certificate and that she should probably keep him.  I said OK.
Part Three:
I forgot to mention before I went to get Bobbie my Flint Funeral Home called and said they had 2 videos for my to pick up today as well.  So, I left Bobbie's (in Oxford) and made my way up to Flint (a 50 minute drive).  Got to the Funeral Home 10 minutes before they closed and picked up the pictures.
-have I mentioned yet that I have done like a total of 4 funeral video all month so all the sudden having 3 calls in one days was a little...overwhelming.
Part Four:
After ALL this we were finally on our way home!  I made it most of the way home and then remembered that I need to go to Sam's Club to pick up DVDs (because I had zero DVDs and they seem to be pretty important in my line of work)   So, I turn the car around and head to Sam's Club.  After I picked up everything I needed we finally made it home!~!!   
Part Five:
Now I get to sit here all night and MAKE videos!
WHoo Hoo!!!
(I am glad to be busy though, Praise God for that!)
What a long day!


Vicki Aeschliman said...

Hey Leah, I've just been busy and haven't felt like typing but I have stolen plenty of your pictures for my files. We get to pick up Caleb tonight and Lyn and Ryan are home for the weekend. Thank you for the web sites. I am so glad you gave them to me and liked my idea. Who knows who will look at my blog. I sure do miss you! Know you are always in my thoughts even if I don't write. Take care and congrats on all the videos. God sue does take care of us. We still owe $2700 for this semester of Lyn's school and guess how much our income tax return is? $2700. God is so good!!

Leah W said...

God IS so good, and He has a sense of humor too :)

cindy said...

Wow what a day you had! Dad had a great dr appt today. The dr is so encouraged at how dad is taking control of his health and making good decisions. He loves his vegetarian diet and thinks that it will make a great difference in his health. He told him what the people in the church did and about the annointing. He thought that was great. I had a great first day at work and think I will really enjoy it.
Can't wait to see you all tomorrow and to have Kobe will be so much fun.
Love you lots,

Alyssa said...

I had a busy dad like that too, but then, again, I feel like everyday around here is like that. We love it too!

Love you guys~ have a great week!