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Friday, February 29, 2008

I didn't have to do it today!

Today I had planned on taking Kobe into school and then stopping at the end of his hallway and just letting him go down by himself.  Well, that didn't happen.  We were running almost late so I felt the need to rush him down the hall, hurry and help him get ready and then run out.  I. Need. To. Let. Go.  In retrospect I think I did all of that just so I wouldn't have to let him go this morning.  Last night he said he wanted me to go with him BUT I am not sure if he was doing that for me or him.  
He is so funny towards me and my feelings about things.  
We have been each others primary person for almost 6 years now.  We see each other more that anyone else sees us and we just work well together.  
When I am in one room and Kobe is in another if he coughs I always yell out "You ok?"  Now he does it too!  If I cough, he checks on me. He is very attentive to me and wants to buy me stuff when we go out (it reminds me SO much of Ben) and he doesn't want me to ever be sad.  He's my buddy, I don't know what I would do without him.
So, I think on Monday we will both be ready for the big "cutting of the cord" if you want to call it that :)

-all week this week he has been fine with me leaving though which has been great!

So, I thought I would post some old favorite pics of Kobe I came across yesterday:
This is Kobe, with a handful of snow.  What you can't see in this picture was that he had brought in about 10 of these handfuls of snow and had gotten it all over the living room while I wasn't looking.  Sometimes he is quiet like a ninja~! 

This is a Ben favorite:
And then I came across this.  How did I go so wrong with this beautiful little dog :(

Oh well, i am sure he has a great home now, I just wonder if they got him potty trained or if they are the type that let their dog pee all over.   Lucky Them.


MattLindsElle said...

Just becuause people might say it's better to "let them go" it doesn't make it easy. I'm not sure what I will be like when I get to where you are at! Your doing such an awesome job with Kobe though! He really is a sweet kid! Love ya sis! :)

gram said...

It sounds like Kobe is so much like both you and Ben. All of you are very caring individuals. It is so very hard to see your kids grow up and become independent people.I love the pictures . I love ya, Gram