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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

How to Drive Yourself Crazy 101

Step 1

Volunteer to be in charge of your son's class party craft

Step 2

Search the internet to find something that is:

a. budget friendly
b. easy for 14 five year olds to make
c. has nothing to do with liquid glue
d. and that mom and dad might actually want to keep

Step 3

Buy Supplies

Step 4


This is what we are trying to make:

First I cut out a template

Then I traced it onto 17 sheets of card stock-and cut them all out.

Next I decided to recruit Ben to do some of my grunt work and he make me templated of little leaves and cut the templates out

This is Ben cutting them out

Here the little devils are

Next, trace little leaves onto various colors of card stock...

Over 100 times!

then, spend your free time for the next two days cutting out over 100 little leaves

Then watch as 15 children do the entire craft in under 5 minutes flat!

Then hang the craft your son made in your own home in hopes that the other parents are marveling at what a creative and household friendly craft someone's mom in the child's class thought up.

The End