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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

9 days until K moves

The count down has begun. June 9th K's new family will come pick him up and most likely that will be the last time we ever see K. That is the one thought that makes me sad. I would have loved to have him be closer and to have a relationship with him after all this BUT I think he will so enjoy his new life that there will be no point in looking back for him.

I am SO EXCITED for the first child to leave our house to be on a good note. I cannot thank God enough to have blessed me with this experience first. He has been so easy on us when it comes to most of our experiences thus far in foster care, He really has been careful with us and I appreciate that so much.

Wow. The past 7 months have really flown by. This morning I am sitting here with a smile and my face and tears in my eyes thinking that WE MADE IT! I didn't have to have him moved!!!! I so did not want to do that. Some days I SO DID WANT TO DO THAT, but I never had to and I just love that we were able to be his family while he needed one and now he is moving on to the best thing he could be, living with HIS family. I know God made this family for him and I am just so excited.

9 days will be gone in a blink of an eye.


Kelli said...

That is so awesome the you and Ben could be there for K when he needed a family. Praise God K has a forever family now. What a blessing!

the johnson crew said...

that makes me sad too that you might never see him again... i wish there could be some contact. - but i am glad for K to get on an start his life with his family.