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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Phone Calls & Emails

I got an email that said "from K"...

Hi, Leah!

K asked us to send you guys an email. And, he wants to say, "I love you and I'm having fun playing!"

Our phone and internet service just got set up today. Our area lost power the day we were supposed to get it, so we had to reschedule. Hope you all are having a good weekend!!

Also, this morning I got a phone call from K. He was so excited to tell me he was going on a little trip and to a water park! The day he left here permanently he knew we were leaving on a little trip and going to a water park and was sad he wasn't going. I told him I was sure his new family would take him to one too. I was tickled to hear how excited he was that it was true :)

He talked to Ben and Kobe and told everyone that he loved them and chatted about his new house, new grandma's house, her pool and other stuff.

He sounded very happy, not a drop of sadness in his voice.

I am so happy his mom has made such a great effort to say in contact with me. I am very thankful for that.


Endless Foster Love said...

So nice you were able to talk to him and hear the happiness in his voice:)

Rebecca said...

That is SO great! I hope my foster children's family will allow them to stay in touch with me when they go home! It is so nice to know that the people you loved, even if only for a short time, are doing well!

gram said...

So glad K. is happy and he was able to talk with you. That is great!

the johnson crew said...

that is so sweet it made me cry. i am so glad they are letting you guys stay in touch. you are a wonderful loving mamma! keep it up!