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Sunday, June 6, 2010


K's adoptive family calls (after forgetting to call him the day before).

Then S wants to call her mom because K was talking on the phone so I let her. (her mom then promises to call her a few hours later to say good night and doesn't.)

Our new baby's Aunt she used to live with then calls to see how she is doing.

That was a lot of phone calls in a short amount of time. I wish these people would call when they promise the kids they will.


Endless Foster Love said...

To be honest, well, I am really glad that we do not have to deal with phone calls.

The once a week visitation is hard enough as it is.

Not Just A Birth Mom said...

I hate that so much. I almost wish that they just wouldn't call period instead of making promises they aren't going to keep. It's especially hard when a kid is stuck on believing their family is going to come back for them, and everyone else knows it is never going to happen.... :(

Kelli said...

yeah, if adults are not keeping their word to these kids, what is that teaching them? So glad these kids are being taken care of by you!