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Monday, June 14, 2010

Ben's Family Reunion

Well, besides having a sick baby with us and being sick our selves, our weekend away did manage to be fun :) We were so happy to get away from work, even though it could have been easier, it was still nice to not have work pulling at us!

Here is a shot of Grandma Ghent, Ben's Grandma who is turning 100 this year, with her kids in front of her late husband's first car! I guess he used to pick up Grandma in this car to go on dates! How cute is that?!

Here is Ben with Lizzy. Of course the reunion was RIGHT during nap time but our sick baby did pretty well. "The baby whisperer" wrapped her up and she went right to sleep right where she likes to be, in Daddy's arms. He sat with her sleeping during the auction while I took the kids down to the beach.
It was not very warm this year. I think we are doing this reunion too early for the beach but not having a heat stroke is nice too...
This is my niece Brook. Her mom and dad weren't at the reunion because THEY ARE IN TAIWAN PICKING UP THEIR TWO ADOPTED SONS!!! They will be home tomorrow with them, we are all really excited!

The kids did play down at the beach for quite a while. They enjoyed the sand the most. We had an awesome indoor pool, water slide, playground and game room at the hotel we stayed at so they swam every day there.
It was funny how much fog was down by the beach, it was odd but pretty.

S loved the sand and didn't touch the water :)

I love this shot!

She begged me to bury her, so I did.

The only things that were crazy enough to get in the water were the dogs!

Kobe :)
I love this shot of Brook but I am sure her mom will die at the messy hair! Brook is a dive right in to ANYTHING kinda girl, keeping her hair perfect isn't her main concern :)

S told me she was "swimmin' in the sand"

It was fun to sit and watch the kids play. We had a lot of fun outside of the sickness :)


Becca B. said...

Looks like a fun time playing in the sand!

Rebekah said...

Love the pics!

gram said...

Love your pictures. I love the beach. We went and got ice cream and then went to the beach.

cindy said...

What wonderful pictures, too bad I wasn't there too ;) Love you girl