"God gives us dreams a size too big so that we can grow into them."

Friday, June 4, 2010


So, early last week I got a call.

"Hi, I have a 18 mo old little girl who is with relatives right now. Her worker asked me to try to find an adoptive home because she thinks that case will ends in the mother's rights being terminated and I thought of you guys."

I couldn't believe this in the mist of all the horror of S's situation.

Regardless, I said "That would be us!"

So, he said he would put a call in to the worker to let them know he had a family.

A few days go by and I don't hear anything, which isn't that odd, so I called. He was waiting for a call back, but as long as all the paperwork went through we were the family she was going to.

Memorial Day weekend was that weekend so I know we wouldn't hear anything until Tuesday. I called Tuesday and he said that they were planning a meeting for Thursday to get things settled and that I was invited.

In between all of this we had Kobe's birthday party, more S drama, and the end of Kobe's school year fast approaching.

I had picked up another crib on the Thursday before Memorial Day (thank goodness for garage sales!) and after Kobe's party I ran out and bought a new mattress, car seat and some outfits for our newest foster child.

To be continued...


Kelli said...

I'll say it again "you are amazing!" But with the system the way it is and the to be continued I'm a little scared as to where this is going, after you bought all the stuff for this little girl. Let me know when you can and always praying for you!

Rebekah said...

Holy Moly! What is God up to....I wonder? :)

gram said...

WOW!! Did you go to the meeting?
When will you find out anything?

Endless Foster Love said...

I'm dying to know!!! Did you go to the meeting??? So exciting but oh how hard the wait is.....God knows what he is doing for your family and this baby girl.