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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I knew this would happen.

Email from K's adoptive mom to me:

Hey, Leah.

And, here we go...roller coaster city. I just got off the phone with our adoption worker, Suzanne, from B****** Christian. She was just returning my call to her from yesterday to be sure we're still set on everything. (Since I'd only heard back from K's adoption worker, I wanted to double check things.) Suzanne says it looks like some of the different agencies involved have not all been communicating with one another. Certain paperwork that's been filled out and submitted, but is still in the process phase, needs to be completely processed and approved before the move can be permanent. She doesn't know if that will happen by the 9th. It may...but it may not. That in mind, how long will you guys be gone for vacation? Because we can still come and get K on the 9th, but would only be able to keep him the 5 day max if the paperwork isn't all processed by then. If you all will be gone longer than that, we'd have to see what could be arranged. I imagine K's adoption worker would be the one to ask. We are planning to call this evening to talk with K, but I wanted to send you a heads up now.


Yes, the system rocks. :/


the johnson crew said...

is that a respite rule or something? wierd. - i will pray everything works out.

Leah Wentzel said...

it is some type of rule/red tape. he is able to go there for 5 days at a time but then has to return here. i find this all very weird because they are licensed foster parents so why can't they throw him in their house like they throw all these kids in mine?!?

i know that sounds mean, i don't look at them like objects, i'm just saying that is they way they do it to me so what is the difference?

the johnson crew said...

weird, can they send a special request to the judge? (that is what our sw always did when we tried for exceptions) is there a limit on respite? can he go to their house on "respite"
sorry it is so messed up.
where are you going on vacation?

Rebekah said...

You guys need to go on vacation for a month after this is all said and done...if that ever happens!

Leah Wentzel said...

we are just going to a family reunion for 4 days so it won't mess up our vacation. that isn't what i am worried about. i have a little boy that is counting down the days until he can see/be with these people and I just feel bad for him and them.

i also am ready for it to be over with.

i will mention all those things janelle in hopes something will work out. i haven't had to do any of this before so i don't know what can be done. it isn't life or death thankfully, it would just something crossed off a list that would be nice!