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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kobe's Birthday - 8 years old!

Thank you Aunt Lindsay, Uncle Matt, Elle & Caden for the cool car! It really works and he really likes it!!!

Also, S really liked her Snow White doll. When I put the apron on it she kept calling her "Super Girl" and it was cracking me up :)
Thank you Aunt Alyssa, Uncle Chris, Kendra & Grant for the mighty beans, his favorite thing right now!

Also, S liked the gift you gave her for her birthday too! Thank you for thinking of our little girl.
So, Kobe's cake wasn't anything amazing, but when I went to the store to look for a cake because I was exhausted I just couldn't bring myself to buy one of those ugly over priced ones, so I made this at the last minute!

Kobe loved ALL his gifts. He still enjoys getting just about anything!
My 8 Year Old.

Aunt Vicki & Amanda, Kobe enjoyed getting money from you guys. He is really into money right now too! Thank you!

Kobe and Brook - they may not have biological siblings, but for the past 6 years they really have acted like they are. I hope they always love each other like they do now.
After the party was over Ben helped Kobe put together his legos Grandma Wentzel hunted down for him. He has been playing with them ever since!

I love this boy. He said thank you for his cake and party so many times. He really is a very special kid. And is growing up way too fast!
Also, after the party, these two stood outside by the pool playing with the squirt guns for HOURS. I am not exaggerating. They didn't come in until the rain started.
God blessed us with great weather and a wonderful family to share Kobe's birthday with! Thank you to everyone who came!!!


StarfishMom said...

He is so stinkin' handsome!!! Happy Brithday Kobe!!!!

Shelly Marie said...

I hope they stay that way forever!! They sure do have fun together!! =) I am glad Kobe had a great party. You could tell he really enjoyed himself!! =)
The cake tasted awesome!!

the johnson crew said...

kobe is so cute. such a sweet kid too. i didn't realize he was only turning 8. he seems so mature for 8. my oldest daughter will be turning 8 in august. where does time go?