"God gives us dreams a size too big so that we can grow into them."

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Completely and Totally Overwhelmed - and loving it!

For, like, 5 minutes I was a mom of 4. Going from 1 child who is almost totally independent to 3-4 kids who are NOT totally independent in less that a year is a HUGE change!

Some days I have found myself bearing it at times, or I have found myself counting the minutes until nap time so that I can have a minutes peace.

Last night I read a blog post that got me thinking.

Basically it reminded me to find joy in whatever I was doing. As I was standing at the sink thinking about how to find more joy in my day I looked around. Sink full of dishes, toys on the floor, laundry that was calling my name, work that was calling my name...and 2 little girls. (Kobe was at Basketball with Ben so it was just me and the girls)

S was sitting at the table eating and Lizzy was in her high chair rubbing her entire body with eating chocolate pudding. And there they were, my JOY. I had waited a long time for my little girl, and now I have two. Yes, as foster care goes, I don't know how long I will have them-but that tends to make them all the more precious. It makes even the simple things mean so much more. It makes that little girl sitting in her high chair rubbing chocolate pudding in her hair just a little more beautiful and the other little girl sitting at the table asking me for something else for the 100th time today just that much more irresistible.

I have been spending a little too much time bearing the things that have been making my life "harder" - I am ready to embrace them and feel the joy that comes right along with them.


cindy said...

AMEN, joy comes in the morning! Love you Leah

Rebecca said...

Leah, I totally feel your "growing pains." I went from zero to 3 overnight, and it was an absolute shock to my system, to say the least! Six weeks later I am just starting to find a new "normal."

I love the reminder to look for the joy. I wanted kids in my home for so long, and now I am often so exhausted that I forget to be thankful that my home is full of kids and they are a BLESSING!

Hugs to you, friend!!

gram said...

The girls are so lucky to have you guys in their life. I love how you guys give them so much love but also make them behave.