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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The deed is done!

I think it is safe to say Ben and I are the worst teeth pullers EVER!!!  I wanted to video tape this fiasco but I was so scared something was going to go horribly wrong and there we would be videotaping while his tooth was half pulled out and blood was gushing every where and there Kobe would be screaming and crying.
Well, thank goodness none of that happened.  I decided tonight was the night, we were going to do this.  And by we I mean me, because apparently Ben is as grossed out by this whole thing as I am.  I started out wiggling it and testing out how good of a grip I could get on this teeny tiny tooth.  Then Ben stepped up to the plate and actually tried to pull it, I think his fingers were too big and that he couldn't get a grip on it because it didn't come out.  Then Kobe took a towel and pulled on it a little, but nothing happened, I think he didn't really have a hold on it either.  By this time it was pretty wiggly, so I decided to just go for it, no counting nothing, I just pulled it and out it came~!  (Thank goodness)  Kobe was very brave, didn't cry, just ran around with a towel in his mouth to control the bleeding.  He is very exciting for the tooth fairy to come.
If you look close you can see how far in the new tooth already is.

He had a great time calling everyone to tell them about his tooth coming out :)


Alyssa said...

YEA CONGRATS!!! How exciting! Great job being so brave, Kobe. We can't wait to see what the tooth fairy brings you.

We love you!

MattLindsElle said...

Great job Kobe! Those things gross me out to!

Vicki Aeschliman said...

Yea!!!!!! Did the tooth fairy come yet? I wish Kobe was at out school. I could have given him a treasure box to store it in for the tooth fairy.

cindy said...

Kobe thank you for calling me about your tooth!! We loved seeing last night! Did the tooth fairy come and leave you a hundred dollar bill???????? (that is what he told me he thinks she was leaving under his pillow) You were very brave and so were your parents. They were very funny telling us the story about WHO pulled harder.
Love you bunches,

shelly said...

That is so cool!!! I told Brooklyn that Kobe lost his tooth. She was excited for him!! Although, now she thinks she has a loose tooth!! Crazy girl!! =)

What did Kobe get from the tooth fairy???

cindy said...

Well Leah, I don't even know where to start telling you how much of an inpact that your video made today for a grieving family. I believe it was the most wonderful gift that was given. Laura's mom and dad were so moved and well you saw how moved Jason was. Her doctor from the Karmonos hospital came and she said I never cry in public, but she watched the video and was moved to tears. I couldn't believe she came. THere are so many other stories too. I know the LORD was so blessed too and he was smiling too. Seems like a simple thank you is not enough, but that is all I have and I mean it from my heart.
You make me proud,

cindy said...

PS We had at least 400 come today just for the viewing....I am dog tired.
Love you again,

gram said...

Kobe is really growing up. What a sweet boy. I was so happy when Kobe called to tell me all about losing his tooth. Love ya, gram