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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Seasonal Confusion

Yesterday was so beautiful outside, as all of you in Michigan know.  So, of course, yard work was beckoning me.  Kobe and I got ready to go outside, and bless my little hilly billy son, this is what he thought would be a good outdoor outfit.  Yes, those are his underwear.
While I raked and bagged leaves and "lava rocks" (thank you old owners of the house, everyone wants lave rocks around all their landscaping!) Kobe took his T ball/baseball set outside and played with that, then raked up and filled in the mole holes in the yard, and ran around with one of the rakes for quite a while.  We both had a lot of fun being outside in 70 degree weather finally  :)


Alyssa said...


That is great:)! I am so glad you guys had a warm day!!!! It is overcast here today. But is still 60 something I am sure:).

Love you guys!

gram said...

I think I am trying to ignore my yard work as I have set my priority to get my income tax done. Time is running out. Today I finally got it completed and mailed in. That hurt as I had to pay in. :{ I also did Wally Gray's income tax and sent that in. I am now working on my consolidation of IRA,TSA and 401K so may be soon I will have that done. I meet with my financial advisor for help tomorrow. May be then I will think about the yard work. Love ya, Gram

Leah W said...

All that sounds like lots of fun Gram :/

Hopefully when Ben and I retire we will have enough money to have similar problems though :)

Vicki Aeschliman said...

I don't remember that being on your many list of things to do(LOL)

Leah W said...

Do you mean the yard work?

No, that is a whole other story.

Outside we are going to be cutting out all of the ugly bushes and sending them thru my dad's chipper, my dad is going to cut all of the dead wood out of our trees, and then some time I am going to paint the house, then have been switch out the shutters, storm door in the front & the outdoor lighting fixtures. That is a whole other issue :)

Vicki Aeschliman said...

isn't great to have a house. there is always something to do.