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Monday, April 21, 2008

What a busy weekend!!!

Our weekend was absolutely crazy, I guess that comes with helping out with the youth group though :)

Our weekend started off Friday night with Me running off to church shortly after Ben got home and Kobe and Ben having the evening together.  After the activities at the church were over I brought 5 teenage girls home with me.  3 loud ones and 2 quiet ones :)  We stayed at the house just long enough to change and then left to go TP and fork and spoon some yards.  We hit the youth pastor's house and one of the other youth leader's houses.  I was happy to take the girls out because they were WIRED and needed to burn off some energy, which they totally did.  We were out from about 1 am until 3:15 am.  One of the girls lost their cell phones in the last yard and we had to go back and get it.
When we got home I crashed and then got up at 7am to get a shower and get everyone going.

I guess maybe I should explain what the activity is supposed to be about because it isn't about TPing.

The HUNGER B.L.A.Z. (pronounce blaze) is an activity that teaches kids about fasting and service and gives them an opportunity to worship God in lots of different ways.
They start out on Friday morning by stopping eating at 9 am.  Then, at 5:30 pm they all meet at the church on go on a crazy video road rally.  They have to go out and do all sorts of crazy things on video.  Once I get that footage I will post some of the crazier stuff.  Once that is over Pastor John has a time of worship thru singing, scripture and prayer.  It is amazing to see God move these kids' hearts concerning people in their lives that need to be saved and living with a servants heart.
After that the kids are broken up into small groups and are sent home with "hosts" to do some Bible study as sleep.  (We did our Bible study before we went out :) )
Then, Saturday morning we all meet at the church for a BIG breakfast to finish the fast and then we do more Bible studies with the kids.
After that we break up into groups to do service projects.  Some kids go to the nursing home, some went to individuals homes to help them around the house/outside, we sent a large group to the Odyssey House in downtown Flint to help clean the yard.  All the kids worked REALLY hard and did a great job.  They are such a blessing, even if they are totally wild too.

It was a great weekend, by the end I had such a head ache from not getting enough sleep and working all day Saturday, but is was so worth it.    

My favorite part of the night was watching Lydia get Baptized.  She was one of my girls for the night, I think she was the wildest :)

So, that is what I did from Friday at 7:30pm until Saturday around 5:30pm.

Our crazy weekend didn't end there though  :)

To be continued...


gram said...

Wow!!! You were really busy. I thought I was busy working on my yard. I still have quite alot to do yet but did cut back flowers and bushes on three sides of my house.

Vicki Aeschliman said...

How cool Leah! What a blessing you are to the kids.

Shelly Marie said...

sounds like you guys had a great wekeend!!! We spent ours doing yard work!!! we got alot done which is great, but alot more to do!!! =)

Alyssa said...

What a great ministry you have. Praise God for that! How cool!

Have a great week. Love you guys

Lindsay said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! :)