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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Time keeps ticking by...

As you can see, we have already crossed off half of the chart we put up for Kobe's Birthday Countdown.  Sometimes he crosses off a whole week at a time, so we have to go back over it with a highlighters so he understands how far away it is.  It is hard to believe his K5 graduation will be before his birthday!  Crazy!

This year for Kobe's birthday we are going to make sure we take him to a restaurant that sings to you if it is your birthday.  He is so envious of other people that get sung to when we go out to eat, we have to make that happen this year  :)

And, here is Puppy the Ghost Pirate.  He is now adorned in his PJs and has a full time place in Kobe's bed.  The PJs are really Kobe's from when he was about 6 months old.  I love seeing them out because when I notice them I can still see Kobe's  little chubby body in them, rolling around on the floor.


gram said...

Time goes so fast. It is amazing when you look at old pictures and see all the little ones which seems like just yesterday.

Vicki Aeschliman said...

Those are the best kind of clothes for stuffed animals and dolls. It is hard to believe how fast this year is going.

cindy said...

I am so sorry we didn't get together today, that was a rough one. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. My day changed from the morning :[
Tomorrow is another day!
Love you,

cindy said...

By the way we are in on going to a sing restaurant that will be fun to see his face. I remember those pj's, MY GOODNESS how he has grown.
Love ya,

gram said...

Kobe's birthday is coming close. How exciting.