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Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Kobe & Bobbie's David

David is getting old enough now to interact with Kobe.  He has always followed Kobe with his eyes, but now he is super interested in him and can play with him sitting up.

It is so funny how much our boys are such a mix of their parents but look nothing a like.  Bobbie and I are from opposite sides of the family tree so there just really isn't anything there that is the same.  

Kobe loves to try to make David laugh, David is usually too busy just watching Kobe with big eyed to remember to laugh.

In this pic they BOTH look huge!  David looks big because of the camera angle and Kobe looks so tall!  Kobe really has shot up there, he is going to be tall like his daddy which I am very happy about.
Pic by Kobe Wentzel:


Lindsay said...

Cute! Two very handsome little boys! Kobe does look like he is getting tall and David is getting so big!

gram said...

It is so fun to watch kids interact. They are both good looking boys.