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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY!!!

When Ben and I first bought this house one of the first things I loved to hate was the bushes in the front yard.  The were hugely over grown and neglected.  I also didn't like that ALL around the house there were these same bushes, every where.  Well, they aren't all here anymore.  Sunday my parents & Bobbie & Dave came over and they cut them all out.



Now, I just have to figure out what to do in the front yard to landscape it.  I am so happy they are gone and now I have room for flower beds!!!

The next day I went thru the yard and dug up all the pickers.  There were a lot.
Here is a shot of Kobe-he is a fashionista.
Here are some shots of Kobe and David from last night.

Bobbie and Dave came over to help us with the stumps that were left from the bushes.  They got almost all of them out~!  Also, yesterday Ben fixed the Dixon and he and Dave gave it a tune up and it is working amazingly!  It only cost us $15 which was wonderful.  We are so excited to have it back running!


MattLindsElle said...

Your yard looks GREAT! I would have done the same thing! It's nice that your family is so willing to help! Cute pictures of David and Kobe! They both are so cute! Hope you guys have a good day today! Love ya

gram said...

Yard work is a lot of work!!! I have been busy trimming back flowering plants. I am going to tackle my day lilly's next.

cindy said...

The yard looks so great! That had to be a hard job. I love kobe fashion sence ;) He is so cute. I am soooooo excited to go up north and all be together it will be sooo much fun! Now I am praying for Great weather!
Boy has david grown so much, I bet the kids love each other.
Love you lots,