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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Summer Deserts!

Lindsay Wentzel, after I made this Black Berry Cobbler I thought of you~Why you ask?  No, I don't know if you even like black berries, but I guess I want you to bake.  And while you are at it you might as well bake something easy and AMAZING!!!  You too Vicki!
This blackberry cobble floored me.  I do not usually go on and on about how good something it, but this desert turned my into a praise singing dork :)

It was really good though...

Make it!

Recipe Here
These Apple Dumplings are so easy to make and SO worth it!  I have had both sides of the family say they were just amazing!

Try them!


Lindsay said...

They BOTH look so yummy! I will try and make them and I will let you know how they turn out. Well, I guess you already know! Thanks for the recipies! :) love ya

gram said...

Both of the desserts look great. The ice cream also looked good.

Lindsay said...

That was a really sweet blog on myspace! :)

Shelly Marie said...

I love both of them!!! Jason family really likes the apple one!!! Infact I have to make it everytime we get together!!! =)

cindy said...

Her baking is wonderful!

Vicki Aeschliman said...

Well I've been too busy to bake. I'm trying to get ready to take my motorcycle class and test. I feel like I'm back in school and I'm so nervous!