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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Update on our TO DO list

I just wanted all of you to know that I listened to your advise and have been working on all three projects!!!

1.  Praise God, I finally found a vanity for a good price, I had a little chat with HIM about what I was looking for and what we needed and He brought me the right one.  Thank you God for caring about even my bathroom vanity!
(once we get the vanity, I have arranged to pick it up Saturday, we will have lots of motivation to get it into the bathroom!)

2.  I found some realist options for fixing the driveway, we are going to look into all of our options and then choose one.

3.  It is going to be very easy to remove the electrical line from the shed so right now we are debating weather we want to sell it or keep it and move it to the back of the property.  We are worried we might regret getting rid of it so we decided to see if we can move it to the back of the yard and then I will paint it to match the house so it looks better.


shelly said...

Sounds like lots of fun!!! I think you should keep the shed. I think they are great to store out of season "stuff."

I am glad you found your vanity! Where did you find it?

Leah W said...

on craigslist :)

siretap said...

Sounds like a good plan ... there is NEVER enough storage!!!! Congratulations on the vanity.

Leah W said...

thanks gram n,

love ya

Alyssa said...

Cool! I love Craigslist!!!

Have a great day! And have fun with your projects!:)