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Monday, April 7, 2008

I am ridiculously indecisive...so I need your help.

OK, we are going to take a vote.  Ben and I have just shy of one million projects at hand that need to be done.
I can't make my mind up about where or what to start on so I guess you guys get to choose.  And if I like what you choose I may even really get started on it, soon.  :)

So here are your choices:  (in no particular order)

1.  Tiling the main bathroom floor

(we already have the tile, we just have to buy a NEW VANITY before we start this.  I have been on the look out.)

2.  Getting rid of the tiny/ugly little shed to the right of the house. 

(it has electrical run to it that we would have to unhook, which looks like it would be a little bit of a pain, and then we are going to put it on craigslist for free to anyone who will take it away.  It is filled with spiders)

3.  Fix the end of the driveway.

(It's a long story)

I guess those are the choices I am willing to throw out there.  Besides these, we also have to get the lawn mower fixed, replace the damper door on the fire place and the Flue Tile, re-do the entire half bath, switch out all but one of the doors that lead outside, change out all the windows, finish the basement, bust out the sidewalk in the front yard, remove all the green bushes from around the entire house, bring dirt in for the front of the the house, build a porch on the front of the house,  tear off the deck in the back & the indoor/outdoor room, pour a patio for the backyard, get rid of the paneling in the family and the ceiling and redo all of that with drywall and then re-face the fireplace.  Oh, and redo the entire kitchen too, at least the cabinets and the appliances, not the new tile floor  :)


gram said...

I would elect to do the main bathroom as you already have the tile and just need to buy a new vanity. Sounds like a quicker, cheaper project and you would see a vast change quicker. Love ya. See you on Fri. Gram

Ben said...

Why don't we just buy a new house? :) Love you!

shelly said...

I agree with Grandma!! I would do the bathroom first just to get it done with and out of the way!!! =) Have fun!! Call us if you need help!!! =)

siretap said...

In the first place your list is too long. I wouldn't know where to start with that list :-o . Put 2 things on your list that need doing first. Like getting rid of the shed and tiling the floor. That's 2 days work. Then do the hardest one first. Then pick 2 more. Or you can put all the jobs in a hat and pick them out one at a time. Good luck with all of it. Love you, Gram

Vicki Aeschliman said...

Wow, I'm tired just reading your list. I would do the shed. It's a good time of year to get rid of it on craigslist. Then I would do the drive.

Leah W said...


I think the bathroom is a good idea too-except I have to wait until I find a vanity, so I am going to look every day until I find one, then we will do that


I don't need a new house, I have you to put to work :)

Gram N.-

I agree, I am going to have to get a big hat :)

I just have to talk Ben into messing with the electrical to the shed and I think that is the first thing I should do.

See what I mean, I have a BUT for everything. :)

Leah W said...

Shelly, I think you and Jason should come over and tile the bathroom with us.

It is a rare form of punishment :)

At least it is little, unlike the kitchen, entry & dining :)

cindy said...

I vote for the end of the drive way I always think I am in the ditch cause of the bump :) You are so funny! So many projects so little time! Your house is so pretty and you have changed it so much already. Remember to stop and enjoy it, there will always be things that need to be done :)
Love you bunches,